Mikey + Becky

When Becky asked to have part of the photo shoot in a bookstore, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  But after I arrived at the Jane Addams bookstore in downtown Champaign, I found that it was such a neat and quirky place! While it rained outside, we shot some unconventional engagement photos there and I’m really pleased with how they came out.  When the weather cleared up later on, we moved outside for some greenery. I’m sure you’ll agree that the combination of the sun, the colors, and Mikey and Becky made for some really great imagery!


Dan + Maddie

Alumni of U of I, Dan and Maddie wanted to have their photoshoot on the campus of the university.  As they prepared to come down from Chicago for the shoot, they were getting nostalgic of all the history and memories that they shared while they were here.  At the same time, they got excited putting together a plan of attack for a food itinerary just to make sure they hit all the places they used to eat at during their college years.  You can’t leave important things like that to chance 🙂

After going around the Quad and the Illini Union, we went to the Arboretum where they had one of their first dates.  Fitting for their personalities, the shoot was light hearted and fun.  Enjoy and be sure to wish this soon-to-be newly weds the best!

Despite Joe’s many faces that he makes, as a couple Joe and Melissa are more fun than crazy. Chill even. I had the opportunity to be a part of their wedding day and despite the sun being out in full force and the pressures of having to move out to California in a few days, they kept it cool under the tux and wedding dress 🙂 In fact, with dandelion balls blanketing the grass and the occasional lazy summer breeze, we had our own unique snow that day. It didn’t make the day any cooler temperature wise, but it certainly added to the already beautiful day!

Holy batman! It’s almost been 2 months since my last update.  But what better time to post since tomorrow is my college roommate and good friend Taft’s wedding?  We did a pre-engagement shoot last year, but we decided to have a engagement shoot as well.

If you know Taft, many of you know that he is the king of corn.  Not everyone can appreciate corny jokes, but I must admit that every once in awhile he comes up with a good one.  With his marriage one day away with a lovely soon to be wife, I look forward to many baby corn in the future!

I won’t be wielding a camera tomorrow since I have the honor of standing.  Now if you’ll excuse me, off to the rehearsal I go!

“Let’s go by that pot smoker place!”  What?  While our shoot didn’t involve lighting up any reefers, Amy’s suggestion did help determine where we had our shoot.  With the location down, the question that remained was: when?

After a long spell of unseasonably cold and rainy weather, Mother Nature overcompensated and on the day of the shoot it was pushing 90’s.  Take that and throw Paul & Amy into the mix and you know it’s gonna be a HOT shoot.  But despite the energy-sapping heat, apparently all it took was a look at my sweat drenched shirt to make them feel better.  Hey, I guess I’m happy to help =)  But temperature aside, I had a great time with them going around town, discovering photogenic locations, and having fun with together.  See for yourself!

As mentioned yesterday, today is our guest post from Chris!

“I think this is where we shake hands.” – Elijah Price, Unbreakable

Reluctant superhero, David Dunn hears these words spoken by aspiring villain, Elijah Price in the final moments of Shyamalan’s extremely well-crafted Unbreakable, setting up their serendipitous and inevitable rivalry.

The quote actually has no bearing on mine and Oliver’s relationship whatsoever, other than the fact that we are shaking hands in the picture above. Unless… it was Oliver’s brilliance and scheming hand that was responsible for every accident in my life I walked away from, unscathed, as the sole-survivor!

I suppose having me come on a guest blogger makes up for it all, though. No harm done, my friend!

Wedding season is upon us once again. Couples, in their own unique ways, are tying the proverbial knot and Oliver has been doing an outstanding job capturing many of those special moments. He will certainly continue to do what he does best… while extending his expertise into another area as well.

Oliver and I would like to take this opportunity to announce that we have combined our forces, just like the legendary Captain Planet, to create a Wedding Cinematography company! Oliver’s eye for aesthetics + my love for film = HEART. Captain Planet, you would be proud indeed.

Rebranding is inevitable, but as for now we are simply who we are… Chris & Oliver Cinema 🙂

We leave you now with our first post for the season! It’s actually a repost of sorts, but with fresh music, a new cut, and a few color grading tweaks, we would like to present to you Glenn & Nicole… the remix.


Chris & Oliver

Tomorrow, we’ll have a guest post from my good friend Chris Sotelo.  If you spend some time with Chris, you come to see that beyond his smooth looks he may not be completely what meets the eye.  Indeed, he is quite the movie buff and connoisseur of films.  Not only does he appreciate watching all types of films, or just have a remarkable ability to quote lines from them, but I do believe that his mind sees the world as a series of movie scenes.  He also has the eye to create them and he’s worked as director on many of the projects that I’ve posted on this blog (I’m at FACTDae & Jina’s Proposal Video, and Part IPart III of the Covenant Fellowship Variety Videos) and some other projects like Normal Activities.

Stay tuned!