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(With a global audience on the internet, I know I run the risk of offending some people with this post.  After writing it, I debated whether or not to delete it.  This blog is primarily about my passion of photography and videos, but I also want to share with you guys  who I am and the things going on in my life.  None of this is meant to be offensive and is simply me sharing what’s on my heart.  It’s okay to not agree and I don’t disrespect those who don’t.  I just ask that you reciprocate that sentiment =)

I’ve had the privilege of seeing only a handful of ordination services and I consider each experience a treat. There’s always a pretty good chance the soon-to-be reverend will shed tears of joy. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why I love attending ordination services -it challenges me. When was the last time my faith has moved me like that?

Amidst the celebration last Sunday, the sense of honor, dedication, and calling of faithfulness was inescapable. I can only imagine the thankless sacrifices it takes to feed His sheep. And then I remember the words of Pastor Paul Kim from many years ago:

You should never pity your pastors. You should envy them. Because what kind of a God do they work for? Because what kind of a God do they serve? Should you pity the servants of this God? Or shall you envy the servants of this God??

Living the Christian life is not mainly about sacrifice and loss but about joy and gain if you believe that God is good.

There are far more deeper thoughts on Rev Jong’s blog than I can muster on my own. I definitely recommend checking it out!  And now here are some photos captured from that day -enjoy!

Rev John opening the night with prayer

Beautiful special praise!

Listen to our Hearts

Rev Koh delivering the night's sermon

Rev Sun Sik Park giving constitution questions

Rev Jong + Rev Paul

Rev Jong + Rev Jung

Rev Jong + Rev Min

I really like this picture. The aftermath of blessings.. first tear of the night?

charge given by Rev Kwang Tae Kim

words of congratulations by Rev Paul

P/Rev Jong's reply!

a quiet moment

Rev Koh surprised Rev Jong by asking him to do the benediction! "What do I do?"

Rev Jong's first benediction!


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