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Holy batman! It’s almost been 2 months since my last update.  But what better time to post since tomorrow is my college roommate and good friend Taft’s wedding?  We did a pre-engagement shoot last year, but we decided to have a engagement shoot as well.

If you know Taft, many of you know that he is the king of corn.  Not everyone can appreciate corny jokes, but I must admit that every once in awhile he comes up with a good one.  With his marriage one day away with a lovely soon to be wife, I look forward to many baby corn in the future!

I won’t be wielding a camera tomorrow since I have the honor of standing.  Now if you’ll excuse me, off to the rehearsal I go!


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“Let’s go by that pot smoker place!”  What?  While our shoot didn’t involve lighting up any reefers, Amy’s suggestion did help determine where we had our shoot.  With the location down, the question that remained was: when?

After a long spell of unseasonably cold and rainy weather, Mother Nature overcompensated and on the day of the shoot it was pushing 90’s.  Take that and throw Paul & Amy into the mix and you know it’s gonna be a HOT shoot.  But despite the energy-sapping heat, apparently all it took was a look at my sweat drenched shirt to make them feel better.  Hey, I guess I’m happy to help =)  But temperature aside, I had a great time with them going around town, discovering photogenic locations, and having fun with together.  See for yourself!

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May has been a crazy month in terms of weather and definitely not an easy one in terms of photography!  One day it’s windy and cold, some days it’s raining, and others it’s scorching hot.  When we started the esession in St Louis a little over a week ago, the clouds looked like they were ready to burst.  And burst they did!

What do you do when it pours..?  See below for the Gunny & Lynn way!

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The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Jacob & Areum is the word “friendly”.  They’re just a sweet and friendly couple and you can’t help but feel excited for them =)  I feel privileged to be their photographer and we got to do our first shoot together in Chicago for their e-session.  It was a blast and the chemistry between them just radiates from these pictures!

Jacob’s co-workers gave him a hard time about leaving work early for a photo shoot that day, probably laughing at the idea that Jacob thinks he’s a model.  I won’t say one way or another, but I will let the photos do the talking 😉

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5.22.2010.  Mark the date and be sure to congratulate them on their wedding in just a few days!

A couple days ago, Joe flew in from sunny California and we did a shoot in the heart of the Windy City.  And man did the city stay true to it’s name.  Despite being a week into May, it was in the 40’s and windy!  Not sure what happened to summer?  The world must be coming to an end… but it’s all good because at least they can be married by then!

Despite the chilly weather, Joe & Melissa were all smiles and laughs.  I can’t wait to see how they’re like in a few days when they’re not freezing =)  But until then, here are some teasers of the soon to be husband and wife!

Joe flashing gang signs of LA

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Q: What do you do when it’s mid-December in Illinois in sub-freezing temperatures with an e-session to shoot?

A: Maaaan – what do we midwesterners look like? Pansy tropical flowers? Go and shoot that e-session.. and throw it on the ground! (…and have some fun!)

Well, that’s what we did with Suggey and Christina!  These two are so much fun to be around and I think it shows in their pictures =)  As for the cold and cloudy weather? Couldn’t keep ’em down.  Nor could the crutches due to Suggey’s injured ankle.  He persevered and came out like a champ (and he must have a REALLY built left leg after that day). Can you imagine not being able to walk or stand on both feet and being constantly asked to contort your body in all sorts of poses for a few hours?  Christina’s a lucky girl.  And from what I can see, Suggey’s one lucky guy too 😉

We went for themes of friendship, silliness, with a hint of goth and a kiss of romance.  That’s a lot of themes.  Who am I kidding?  We just did anything and everything and it worked out great for these two.  Go ahead and see for yourself!

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I’ve known Taft way back since before he was even called Taft.  Back then we used to call him Jonathan during our freshman year in college =)  We even lived together our junior and senior years and we reigned in an empire known as Snyder Hall.  Long gone are the days when I’d find him asleep in his bed with the Bible on his chest and his mouth wide open.  And long forgotten (I hope) are the nights of recording strange music videos..

Fast forward 9 years and now he’s well on his way to getting married!  I got the chance to shoot him and Becky to catch some fall foliage about a month ago.  The weather was great and the colors were phenomenal!

Can you feel the death glare?

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