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“Mama, all I ever wanted to do was fill my sensor with some available light photons..” – Oliver Peng

Lighting’s probably one of the most technical subjects in photography. There’s broad lighting, short lighting, butterfly lighting, Rembrandt lighting, cross lighting, optical triggers, infrared triggers, Pocket Wizards, Radio Poppers, manual control, E-TTL metering, gels, snoots, grids, barn doors, gobos, beauty dishes, ring flashes, bounce flash, direct flash, soft light, hard light, fill light, key light, reflectors, diffusion panels, umbrellas, soft boxes, yada yada yada yada.

Still with me?

I blame companies like Lastolite, Lumiquest, and Bogen and their endless array of products! Or maybe I should thank them for all the choices.. I’m a bit torn.

But there’s hope.

A Community of Openness

Recently there’s been a colossal push in the photography community to unravel the nuances and vagaries of light. I remember trying to dig up info on the subject only 4-5 years ago and coming up dry. Now there’s David Hobby paving the way over at Strobist, Zack Arias with One Light, Joe McNally’s amazing books, and a whole community of like minded photographers sharing knowledge. Man, now I’m spoiled! I don’t believe in keeping secrets so I’m loving this openness!

Don’t wanna be a taker

I got into photography because I love making great looking images. I love capturing moments of people important in my life. Not cuz I want to be the best in the competition. Or cuz I wanted to get rich off it. I don’t purport to be anywhere close to a guru, but if you’re a photographer, I want to share with you the things I’ve learned.

There’s a common theme I’m seeing from all the workshops I go to, the books I read, the DVDs I watch, and from the transformation of the online community: Give back! Let the old days where ‘masters’ guarded their secrets die.

To quote a book about sharing knowledge (I can’t remember which book!), “Will the competition use the information to their advantage? Yes. Will it negatively impact your business? No.”

So stay tuned for posts on tips n’ tricks =)

This post ain’t about photography…

Kevin Kubota, author of Digital Photography Boot Camp, wrote about giving back beyond just photography tips. Why not contribute our services to charity? Serve the community around us through our skill with no strings attached? I like it.

God’s given us various gifts and abilities.  Let’s think outside the box.  How can you use what you have to serve and give back?  I’d love to hear your ideas (photogs and non-photogs alike!)


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The Birth of a Blog

It’s been a long time since the demise of xanga (do people still use that thing??)  How or why a blogging platform could ever become out of fashion or yesterday’s thing is beyond me.  My friend G-lenn has a theory that it all began with their privacy invasion “feature” that allows you to see who visits your blog.  Hmm… good point.  What do you think?  In any case, good bye old friend.

Anyways, I haven’t stopped taking photos since my last xanga entry (http://aosh.xanga.com/) and I need a way to post them!  That along with my random ramblings and rants.  Wordpress is my make-shift home for now =)  Lot of things have been going on this summer, which means lots of pics, so stay tuned!

For a sneak peek of what’s to come.. can anyone guess where my family’s been the past couple of days?  Here’s a pic for a clue.  (Hint: the top banner is also a clue too!)

Can you guess where my familys been the past few days??

Lobsta n butta!

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