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Despite Joe’s many faces that he makes, as a couple Joe and Melissa are more fun than crazy. Chill even. I had the opportunity to be a part of their wedding day and despite the sun being out in full force and the pressures of having to move out to California in a few days, they kept it cool under the tux and wedding dress ūüôā In fact, with dandelion balls blanketing the grass and the occasional lazy summer breeze, we had our own unique snow that day. It didn’t make the day any cooler temperature wise, but it certainly added to the already beautiful day!


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As mentioned yesterday, today is our guest post from Chris!

“I think this is where we shake hands.” – Elijah Price, Unbreakable

Reluctant superhero, David Dunn hears these words spoken by aspiring villain, Elijah Price in the final moments of Shyamalan’s extremely well-crafted Unbreakable, setting up their serendipitous and inevitable rivalry.

The quote actually has no bearing on mine and Oliver’s relationship whatsoever, other than the fact that we are shaking hands in the picture above. Unless… it was Oliver’s brilliance and scheming hand that was responsible for every accident in my life I walked away from, unscathed, as the sole-survivor!

I suppose having me come on a guest blogger makes up for it all, though. No harm done, my friend!

Wedding season is upon us once again. Couples, in their own unique ways, are tying the proverbial knot and Oliver has been doing an outstanding job capturing many of those special moments. He will certainly continue to do what he does best… while extending his expertise into another area as well.

Oliver and I would like to take this opportunity to announce that we have combined our forces, just like the legendary Captain Planet, to create a Wedding Cinematography company! Oliver’s eye for aesthetics + my love for film = HEART. Captain Planet, you would be proud indeed.

Rebranding is inevitable, but as for now we are simply who we are… Chris & Oliver Cinema ūüôā

We leave you now with our first post for the season! It’s actually a repost of sorts, but with fresh music, a new cut, and a few color grading tweaks, we would like to present to you Glenn & Nicole… the remix.


Chris & Oliver

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Guest Post Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, we’ll have a guest post from my good friend Chris Sotelo. ¬†If you spend some time with Chris, you come to see that beyond his smooth looks he may not be completely what meets the eye. ¬†Indeed, he is quite the movie buff and connoisseur of films. ¬†Not only does he appreciate watching all types of films, or just have a remarkable ability to quote lines from them, but I do believe that his mind sees the world as a series of movie scenes. ¬†He also has the eye to create them and he’s worked as director on many of the projects that I’ve posted on this blog (I’m at FACT,¬†Dae & Jina’s Proposal Video, and¬†Part I &¬†Part III of the Covenant Fellowship Variety Videos) and some other projects like¬†Normal Activities.

Stay tuned!

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You’ve all seen the¬†Old Spice “I’m a Man” commercial. ¬†We got ambitious and decided to make a spoof of this as our third and final video of this 3 part series.

(If playback is slow or jerky when viewing it here due to the video being resized, it might be smoother to watch it on the Vimeo page)

How did we do it? ¬†Well, a lot of manpower (more like a few guys doing 10 things each). And a lot of dental floss. With no fishing wire on hand, dental floss was the next best thing we had. It doesn’t hurt to have clean teeth too.

What the heck is going on? I assure you, far more than a single picture can show.

Suggey is a human pulley system for the toothbrush and also in charge of pulling off the bathrobe with his elaborate string set up. ¬†Suggey and Peter also magically lower the headset onto Mikey later on. ¬†What you don’t see is that Peter is not only holding the shower curtain and shower head, but he has dental floss that’s attached to the headset IN HIS MOUTH. He uses his tongue to send vibrations down the floss to Suggey who in turn decodes the vibrations into instructions for the rate the headset should descend onto Mikey’s head (in inches per second).

Matt is holding the other side of the shower curtain and acting as a human crane holding a broom pole that has a wire hangar attached to a giant cardboard iPhone (Peter’s Halloween costume!) At the start of each take, with one arm Matt has to lift the pole up to the ceiling and hold it there. ¬†Sounds simple enough, right? ¬†Repeat that 30 times.

Chris was feeling sick that night so we only gave him 5 tasks. ¬†He’s our sound technician recording the audio who also simultaneously flips Mikey’s robe open, hands him an iPhone, catches it, and later hands him a video game controller.

Me? I’m the chump behind the camera telling everyone what to do. Actually, it’s scary trying to frame everything right knowing that if I’m a few inches too far to the left or right, I might have someone’s hand in the scene. Compared to what everyone else had to do though, I’m just the chump behind the camera.

For the final “I’m on a couch” reveal, everyone had to leave while carrying multiple items in their hands AND pick up and move their chairs out of frame. ¬†Chris rolls off the couch and lies on the floor.

We were a little short on time but if we had another 5-10 takes it would have been flawless. ¬†Here’s a practice take where things fell into place very nicely and you can kind of see how we are working together.

The toothbrush and robe coming off are flawless here! Later on we had problems of safety pins breaking whenever we tried pulling the robe off using the wires/floss.

If we could do it all over again, I’d have voted to bring the entire set to the middle of the cornfields! Imagine:

    Shower Scene
    Corn fields
    Couch in the middle of the cornfields!!

Ah, that would have been bliss. Too bad we all have full time jobs and can’t film during the day and have other things (like life) to attend to!

Hope you guys enjoyed that =)

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For the next installment, Suggey worked together with some of the younger guys and gals at the FAR/PAR area who directed and filmed this. Looks like some up and coming talent! The video is so ridiculous it’s hard not to laugh!

(Go to Youtube to watch it in a larger window!)

Being an Asian, I notice we tend to bottle up frustration and anger inside of us.. but I gotta say, after watching that video, acting on your rage looks so much more fun and therapeutic! At least that’s the message I got =)

CREDITS (in order of appearance)

Jay Zhang
Andrew Dai
Jon George
Vince Lee
Sharon Lee
Chris Park
Justina Kim
Jason Xue

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God really tore down the house tonight at Covenant Fellowship’s 2nd Annual Variety Show down here at Urbana-Champaign! ¬†Wow, there’s a lot of talent in our church (especially musically)! It’s refreshing and encouraging to see all the ways the younger guys want to use their God-given talents for a purpose beyond just themselves.

In keeping with the tradition of recent shows past, I had the privilege of playing a small role in creating some videos.  I worked with none other than the incredibly gifted and creative geniuses: Suggey Shin, Mikey Park, Matt Garard, and Chris Sotelo (listed in no particular order, except perhaps reverse alphabetical by first name).

The V-Show was on Friday 7PM and we got together Thursday at 8PM to collaborate on this piece. ¬†Given the timeline and the fact that all of us have full time jobs, I think it speaks magnitudes of just how gifted these guys are. ¬†We even created two versions! ¬†Why? Well, you’ll have to watch them to find out ūüėČ

So if you missed it, here’s Part 1 of a three part series!

(If playback is slow or jerky when viewing it here due to the video being resized, it might be smoother to watch it on the Vimeo pages: Released, Directors cut)

Released version:

Director’s cut:

This version didn’t make the cut to be displayed publicly. I’m not sure why, but it was probably a good idea. What’s YOUR mind thinking?

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments section!

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Suggey & Christina

I had the joy of shooting my friend/roommate’s wedding last month. ¬†When describing Suggey and Christina, the first word that comes to mind is probably “fun”. ¬†Most people will agree. ¬†And their wedding was fun! ¬†It was also beautiful. ¬†The sermon was a blessing, every aspect of the ceremony was touching, the speeches were hilarious yet moving, and the whole day was a joyous celebration. ¬†I’m now left without a roommate but I couldn’t be more happy for them =) ¬†Congratulations to the couple and newly formed family!

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