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Despite Joe’s many faces that he makes, as a couple Joe and Melissa are more fun than crazy. Chill even. I had the opportunity to be a part of their wedding day and despite the sun being out in full force and the pressures of having to move out to California in a few days, they kept it cool under the tux and wedding dress 🙂 In fact, with dandelion balls blanketing the grass and the occasional lazy summer breeze, we had our own unique snow that day. It didn’t make the day any cooler temperature wise, but it certainly added to the already beautiful day!


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As mentioned yesterday, today is our guest post from Chris!

“I think this is where we shake hands.” – Elijah Price, Unbreakable

Reluctant superhero, David Dunn hears these words spoken by aspiring villain, Elijah Price in the final moments of Shyamalan’s extremely well-crafted Unbreakable, setting up their serendipitous and inevitable rivalry.

The quote actually has no bearing on mine and Oliver’s relationship whatsoever, other than the fact that we are shaking hands in the picture above. Unless… it was Oliver’s brilliance and scheming hand that was responsible for every accident in my life I walked away from, unscathed, as the sole-survivor!

I suppose having me come on a guest blogger makes up for it all, though. No harm done, my friend!

Wedding season is upon us once again. Couples, in their own unique ways, are tying the proverbial knot and Oliver has been doing an outstanding job capturing many of those special moments. He will certainly continue to do what he does best… while extending his expertise into another area as well.

Oliver and I would like to take this opportunity to announce that we have combined our forces, just like the legendary Captain Planet, to create a Wedding Cinematography company! Oliver’s eye for aesthetics + my love for film = HEART. Captain Planet, you would be proud indeed.

Rebranding is inevitable, but as for now we are simply who we are… Chris & Oliver Cinema 🙂

We leave you now with our first post for the season! It’s actually a repost of sorts, but with fresh music, a new cut, and a few color grading tweaks, we would like to present to you Glenn & Nicole… the remix.


Chris & Oliver

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Suggey & Christina

I had the joy of shooting my friend/roommate’s wedding last month.  When describing Suggey and Christina, the first word that comes to mind is probably “fun”.  Most people will agree.  And their wedding was fun!  It was also beautiful.  The sermon was a blessing, every aspect of the ceremony was touching, the speeches were hilarious yet moving, and the whole day was a joyous celebration.  I’m now left without a roommate but I couldn’t be more happy for them =)  Congratulations to the couple and newly formed family!

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A quick photo tribute to Kanako!  I got to know Kana through a missions trip to Japan the summer of ’05, when I picked up my first SLR!  (Wow, that’s a long time ago..)

The next year we were in the same small group together on campus. It was also the first year I helped out in Japanese Bible Study. I was Kana’s leader in CRH 2 and Kana was my leader in JBS. That’s a power struggle for ya!

The following year, Kana disappeared to Chicago.

She came back ’07 and J-HOP made its debut. It was a very different J-HOP back then but in Kana-style, one founded in prayer. By ’08 J-HOP was in full swing and I had the privilege of coming on board as did several others.

And ’09 is Yuki year. ‘Nuff said!

J-Team '05 (June 20, 2005)

Girls on the subway in Osaka, Japan (June 27, 2005)

CRH 2 - Pretending they're happy to be there (Dec 5, 2005)

That was sharing small group.. Kana drew this pic about herself. That flower must be Yuki.

JBS - I'm eating alone. Kana's talking to Genie. Our guest is like, "What about me??" and Chris is.. well.. (Dec 7, 2005)

J-HOP's beginnings! (April 26, 2008)

J-HOP '08 (Sept 27, 2008)

J-HOP '08 continued (Nov 20, 2008)

We look the same except Chris & I lost hair while P Jung gained some. (Nov 21, 2009)

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Glenn and Nicole were both in my small group years ago. I still remember the day I guessed the person that Nicole was seeing. After being impressed with myself for guessing 😉 I remember smiling thinking, “Glenn’s a good guy.” That was four years ago and now they’ve been married for just shy of two weeks! Congrats!!

To the newly weds: this video is a welcome back present from your honeymoon =)

P.S. For a peek of how the video came together, see the post below!

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How did this video come to be?

I ran into Glenn during my photography workshop extravaganza over the summer, which I’ve made quite a few posts on. Although I was looking into photography, I had been itching to get into videography too. So as a way to dive in, I offered to make a short music video of their wedding. That was literally the day before I received advice to focus on photography instead. Talk about strange timing.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but I don’t like retracting an offer I already made. Plus, I really like Nicole & Glenn. Add on the fact that I’m really, really stubborn (just ask Cassie).. and from what you see today, I’m sure you can guess what my final decision was.

I’m really pleased with how the video came out and I hope you guys like it too! (Otherwise, I will personally apologize to the bride and groom for sticking a camera in front of their face the entire day) If you like it, I can’t claim credit for all of it, though. Huge thanks goes to Jon (Taft) and Min Soo who helped out at various times of the day. Both are really talented and I was impressed with the footage they shot. Taft also put up with me as I went into OCD overdrive mode the night before the wedding despite being past 2AM in the morning.

Late night OCD

Late night OCD

I also received excellent feedback from Taft & Cassie to help me refine the video to what you see now. I also shot along side with talented photographer, Kenny Nakai. I can tell Kenny gets into it and his energy is contagious! Much of the footage you see was the result of his coordination. And logistically it would not have been possible without the proper equipment.  A big thanks to Dan for lending me his camera. It might sound trivial, but as the owner of these VERY expensive cameras, I’m thankful he entrusted me with it.  Thanks also to Connie, who let me borrow a macro lens!

And lastly, the biggest support came behind the scenes from Cassie and my family who continue to support me as I venture precariously into an unknown future and possible profession in the wedding industry!

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