May has been a crazy month in terms of weather and definitely not an easy one in terms of photography!  One day it’s windy and cold, some days it’s raining, and others it’s scorching hot.  When we started the esession in St Louis a little over a week ago, the clouds looked like they were ready to burst.  And burst they did!

What do you do when it pours..?  See below for the Gunny & Lynn way!


The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Jacob & Areum is the word “friendly”.  They’re just a sweet and friendly couple and you can’t help but feel excited for them =)  I feel privileged to be their photographer and we got to do our first shoot together in Chicago for their e-session.  It was a blast and the chemistry between them just radiates from these pictures!

Jacob’s co-workers gave him a hard time about leaving work early for a photo shoot that day, probably laughing at the idea that Jacob thinks he’s a model.  I won’t say one way or another, but I will let the photos do the talking 😉

5.22.2010.  Mark the date and be sure to congratulate them on their wedding in just a few days!

A couple days ago, Joe flew in from sunny California and we did a shoot in the heart of the Windy City.  And man did the city stay true to it’s name.  Despite being a week into May, it was in the 40’s and windy!  Not sure what happened to summer?  The world must be coming to an end… but it’s all good because at least they can be married by then!

Despite the chilly weather, Joe & Melissa were all smiles and laughs.  I can’t wait to see how they’re like in a few days when they’re not freezing =)  But until then, here are some teasers of the soon to be husband and wife!

Joe flashing gang signs of LA

Warning: Large post with many pictures!

Ever since Cassie and I have gotten together, I’ve been getting to know her friends whom she grew up with on the East Coast. Spanning over many years, the friendships are deep, they’re fun, and they really know how to have a good time! =) From this group, I had the privilege of meeting Rachel and her boyfriend, Peter. We went on some double dates and I even did a portrait shoot with them in New York City last summer!

Fast forward to this past weekend – Peter popping the question!  He’s been planning this proposal for a few weeks and boy did it show from the many extensive emails outlining his plans.  Cassie and I returned to NYC this week so it was a perfect excuse to go on another double date together!  His original idea of us ice skating together in Central Park was ruined by 70 degree spring weather, but we can’t complain about that =)

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I got an email early last week that read:

B/c in Genesis 2:18 “The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone…” and b/c I believe Lynn’s the most awesome person in this whole wide world, I have decided to propose to her this Thursday!

How exciting!! The proposal itself was a private moment between the two so I don’t have any pictures from that.  (I hear it involved a lot of candles, a teddy bear, and a whole ton of good old fashioned Gunny romance)  But I did get to be part of the surprise party with family and friends later that night at Lynn’s sister’s house!

We ran into a minor hiccup when we first arrived; Gunny emailed us the wrong address!  No one answered the door.  Fortunately for us, directly across the street was a house with a lot of activity going on.  We guessed that was probably the correct house, and we were right!

Now all we had to do was wait in the dark for the couple to arrive so we could surprise Lynn! She came in sporting a beautiful ring on her finger so I assume she said yes. Good job Gunny! The rest of the night was filled with fun & festivities with the great couple.

I did manage to fire off a couple of shots throughout the night to capture it. It was a joyous occasion -the smiles in the pictures tell it all =)

Waiting in darkness (brightened so you can see the people!)

The Wait (Lynn's sister & niece)

beautiful decorations


speech by Lynn's father

welcome to the family!


look at the smiles! truly the way to a girl's heart =)

did I mention the food was delicious??

practicing for the big day

if you don't know Gunny, this pic sums him up!

cute dog! it was so happy to see Lynn

I got to take a picture with the groom-to-be

Friends. (don't let the smiles fool you. these ladies are fierce)

Lynn's adorable family

4 must be Lynn's lucky number 😉

(With a global audience on the internet, I know I run the risk of offending some people with this post.  After writing it, I debated whether or not to delete it.  This blog is primarily about my passion of photography and videos, but I also want to share with you guys  who I am and the things going on in my life.  None of this is meant to be offensive and is simply me sharing what’s on my heart.  It’s okay to not agree and I don’t disrespect those who don’t.  I just ask that you reciprocate that sentiment =)

I’ve had the privilege of seeing only a handful of ordination services and I consider each experience a treat. There’s always a pretty good chance the soon-to-be reverend will shed tears of joy. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why I love attending ordination services -it challenges me. When was the last time my faith has moved me like that?

Amidst the celebration last Sunday, the sense of honor, dedication, and calling of faithfulness was inescapable. I can only imagine the thankless sacrifices it takes to feed His sheep. And then I remember the words of Pastor Paul Kim from many years ago:

You should never pity your pastors. You should envy them. Because what kind of a God do they work for? Because what kind of a God do they serve? Should you pity the servants of this God? Or shall you envy the servants of this God??

Living the Christian life is not mainly about sacrifice and loss but about joy and gain if you believe that God is good.

There are far more deeper thoughts on Rev Jong’s blog than I can muster on my own. I definitely recommend checking it out!  And now here are some photos captured from that day -enjoy!

Rev John opening the night with prayer

Beautiful special praise!

Listen to our Hearts

Rev Koh delivering the night's sermon

Rev Sun Sik Park giving constitution questions

Rev Jong + Rev Paul

Rev Jong + Rev Jung

Rev Jong + Rev Min

I really like this picture. The aftermath of blessings.. first tear of the night?

charge given by Rev Kwang Tae Kim

words of congratulations by Rev Paul

P/Rev Jong's reply!

a quiet moment

Rev Koh surprised Rev Jong by asking him to do the benediction! "What do I do?"

Rev Jong's first benediction!

You’ve all seen the Old Spice “I’m a Man” commercial.  We got ambitious and decided to make a spoof of this as our third and final video of this 3 part series.

(If playback is slow or jerky when viewing it here due to the video being resized, it might be smoother to watch it on the Vimeo page)

How did we do it?  Well, a lot of manpower (more like a few guys doing 10 things each). And a lot of dental floss. With no fishing wire on hand, dental floss was the next best thing we had. It doesn’t hurt to have clean teeth too.

What the heck is going on? I assure you, far more than a single picture can show.

Suggey is a human pulley system for the toothbrush and also in charge of pulling off the bathrobe with his elaborate string set up.  Suggey and Peter also magically lower the headset onto Mikey later on.  What you don’t see is that Peter is not only holding the shower curtain and shower head, but he has dental floss that’s attached to the headset IN HIS MOUTH. He uses his tongue to send vibrations down the floss to Suggey who in turn decodes the vibrations into instructions for the rate the headset should descend onto Mikey’s head (in inches per second).

Matt is holding the other side of the shower curtain and acting as a human crane holding a broom pole that has a wire hangar attached to a giant cardboard iPhone (Peter’s Halloween costume!) At the start of each take, with one arm Matt has to lift the pole up to the ceiling and hold it there.  Sounds simple enough, right?  Repeat that 30 times.

Chris was feeling sick that night so we only gave him 5 tasks.  He’s our sound technician recording the audio who also simultaneously flips Mikey’s robe open, hands him an iPhone, catches it, and later hands him a video game controller.

Me? I’m the chump behind the camera telling everyone what to do. Actually, it’s scary trying to frame everything right knowing that if I’m a few inches too far to the left or right, I might have someone’s hand in the scene. Compared to what everyone else had to do though, I’m just the chump behind the camera.

For the final “I’m on a couch” reveal, everyone had to leave while carrying multiple items in their hands AND pick up and move their chairs out of frame.  Chris rolls off the couch and lies on the floor.

We were a little short on time but if we had another 5-10 takes it would have been flawless.  Here’s a practice take where things fell into place very nicely and you can kind of see how we are working together.

The toothbrush and robe coming off are flawless here! Later on we had problems of safety pins breaking whenever we tried pulling the robe off using the wires/floss.

If we could do it all over again, I’d have voted to bring the entire set to the middle of the cornfields! Imagine:

    Shower Scene
    Corn fields
    Couch in the middle of the cornfields!!

Ah, that would have been bliss. Too bad we all have full time jobs and can’t film during the day and have other things (like life) to attend to!

Hope you guys enjoyed that =)